Sunday, 30 October 2011

Photos as promised :)

Just a few photos that I hadn't taken in time to put up in my last post. I hope you enjoy!

P.S, been to a brilliant Bead and Textiles Fair today, was soooo much fun! :D

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday evening! :D

Friday, 14 October 2011

Happy October :)

How's everyone doing this month?
I've been busy starting back at uni, it's all a bit manic! I'm studying Philosophy and this year there seems to be about 10 times at least more reading to do. I reckon it'll be OK once I get in the routine of reading, so I maybe by the last week of term? Hehe. Some of it is interesting, I love Philosophy of Mind and that's one of my module this term so I'm very happy about that :)

I've also joined the art society at uni. The first week we did a fun scavenger hunt type thing just to get to know each other and to help the first years find some pla
ces on campus. Our team should've won but didn't! Ah well, it was still a right giggle! Unfortunately I couldn't go this week but as of next week I will be there as much as I possibly can be, they're a great bunch of people :)

OOOH! And I found a brilliant little bead shop in Norwich! If any of you wonderful people go to Norwich, find Raphael Jewellery at 33 St. Benedicts Street and about 6 shops up from that you will find their partner shop which is full of yummy beady goodness! I love it :D Tis only tiny but it is brilliant. I did a button workshop there last Saturday (I'll put a
photo of one of the things I made at the end of the post so scroll down if you wanna see it now) which was good fun and a bit of a giggle :)

As much as I've been constantly doing work for uni I'm still leaving time to make things. If I didn't I think I would go crazy! I've made a bunch of pendants and some bracelets. Unfortunately I can't put up any photos of the pendants yet because I'm waiting on their chains coming through the post. And as for the bracelets, I currently have a bunch of strung beads on my desk which aren't finished bracelets yet because I've run out of some of the endy bits. I know that doesn't make sense but I'm useless at describing things :P

As soon as these things come through the post I will put up photos here :)
They'll also go on sale on my website: and if any
are left they'll be coming with me to a craft fair I'm doing next month, woop woop!

Anyway, my housemate wants to drag me to Tesco, hehe, so I should best go keep her company!
Apologies for the lack of photos, they will appear soon :) And in my next proper writing blog I'll put up some details of the craft fair I'll be at next month so I hope to see you there!

Have a brilliant weekend everyone :)

Ok, that's a really tiny picture and I'm not sure why. But anyway, it is the button bracelet I made at the workshop last weekend, bit funky really :)

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Helloooo Everyone!

Well, it's been a while hasn't it? Apparently I'm horrendous at keeping up a blog unless I'm writing about other people, so I'll try and do that a bit more often and I might end up getting the hang of updating this thing!
So since May, what's been going on with me?
Lots of crafty stuff and lots of non-crafty stuff.
Firstly the crafty stuff:
I've been making as much as possible but it's been a pretty busy summer! I went to a few craft fairs and thoroughly loved them! Really want to do one in Vermont because they are just so much bigger! But I have got one coming up in November, I'll give you details on that soon. I bought me loads of new crafty things while visiting my dad so I've been experimenting with things like microbeads (metallic beads with no holes in them and uber tiny) and PearlEx powders (metallic powder that give a gorgeous finish to the clay). I will try to add pictures in posts from now as I go along, but for this post I'll just put a few at the bottom :)
Also, I've made a wedding cake topper for an old school friend. It turned out wonderfully! I am very proud of it :) And it looked brilliant on top of the cake :)
Now I'm in the process of making some wine glass charms for my boyfriend's sister's wedding next year. They are going to be incredibly funky. I'm also making her wedding cake topper so I'll put pictures up of that when I start it :) (it's gonna be a lot of fun so make sure you check back to see it!!)
Also, I've set up a new website which you may have found this blog through. You can find it here I'm really excited about this website. I've never had one before where people can buy my

items straight through it so it's all a bit new to me. I made my first sale through it a couple of days ago so I'm a very happy bunny :)

I'm sure there's more crafty stuff going on, but I'll have to add it when I remember because I can't at the moment!

In my un-crafty life, I've been to America with my boyfriend to visit my Dad out there. It was lovely. We were there for a month and just relaxed and had fun really. Did not want to come back!
I've passed my first year of uni with a 2.1, so I'm very happy with that. Going back to uni this weekend - will be hard to get back into the uni routine but it'll be good. Moving into a house this year rather than living in the uni's student accommodation. Exciting stuff! Although setting up utilities and internet has been a new and not overly fun experience!
I have become the owner of two mice. Well actually I'm going to pick them up tomorrow and I can't wait! One is black and one is black and white and I'll post photos once I have some! They are going to be called Tonks and Lupin. This is because I am a huge Harry Potter fan, hehe :D And besides, I know that once me and my boyfriend get animals, he will not allow me to call them names from Harry Potter so I best get it out of my system now!!
What else is going on? Erm. Hmm. Oooh, an exciting thing! I'm goin
g to be bridesmaid for my boyfriend's sister!!! I'm very very excited about this :D Will be an amazing wedding :D But it's not til next July.
Apart from this, I'm not sure what's been going on. Again, I reckon there's stuff I've misse
d but I just can't remember it all!

So, I shall leave you all for now with a few photos of what I've been up to in my crafty makings and let you get on with your day :) Enjoy!

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Classy Claire and her bags.

Drool Warning: Following items may make you drool slightly, especially if you're a bag lover!

I've had so much fun looking through Claire of Clasibags items, they're wonderful! What any bag lover would love to get their mitts on. I almost forgot I was meant to be writing a blog post about her!
So, Claire knits and felts bags along with other items such as phone cases and brooches. They colours are fabulous and the textures of the felt and wool just bring the bag to life and give them their character! (Yes, bags do have characters, hehe!)

Looking through Claire's items has been a much needed break from revision (exam today, another tomorrow then done, woop!) and to be quite frank, she needs to keep making so I can keep drooling over them. This is my personal favourite, it's an 'ends of ball' bag so bits and bobs of colours to make up this gorgeousness:How can you just not love those colours? They remind me of autumn. Yummy!
Here's another felted one I like. With this one I love the block colours, and the contrast in those colours:And here are my two favourite knitted bags. They both shine with elegance! Firstly, a black and white one. Who doesn't adore black and white together? And secondly, a purpley, browny coloured bag with chunky orange and green flowers, more yummyness!

And, I even love the handles!
This is where you can find Claire, and as you can see from the pictures you should definitely go and find her :)
Her Blog
Aaaand her website.


And on a last note, I'll be finished with exams after tomorrow, away for a week or so and then I'll be back to the making. Got a funky new project which someone has asked me to do so pictures of that will come up as and when I begin to make it. It will be exciting! :D

Sunday, 15 May 2011

The Inkydoodler!

Soon I will keep up with this blog and add some more stuffs to it of my own but exams are taking priority and I haven't been able to make much or do much to blog about unfortunately. So, I am quite happily blogging about the wonderful peeps out there who are doing their hobbies and keeping me entertained with their creativeness while I can't entertain myself and I hope you all get as much enjoyment out of them as I do :)

This week, I am blogging about an Inkydoodler :D Hehe. And I must say, I do love the doodles :)
The woman I'm talking about is Mel from Inkydoodlecrafts and this is where you can find her: facebook, Etsy, Ebay and her blog. Now, especially if you're a card maker but everyone else too, you'll just love the colours and design that Mel comes up with. I'm gonna natter a bit first and then show you my favourite pieces from her. Mel is it seems first and foremost a card maker and I have really enjoyed looking through her cards and I really like the Christmas ones! I know it's not Christmas yet but I'm definitely glad she's included them on her facebook page! Gotta love the forward thinking :D Anyways, for the time being I'm going to concentrate on the card toppers that Mel has designed as these have really caught my eye. Firstly are some card charms that caught my eye because of their colours. I like the kind of watercolour effects and especially the dragonfly...which leads me on to the next one! These six enamelled tiles make up a beautiful butterfly! I tend to avoid putting green and red together because I think they look too christmassy but I admire the way Mel has used red and green with this butterfly. It looks wonderful and not at all christmassy! Perfeck! And last but not least, I adore this set of six card tiles because to be quite frank, they remind me of my grandad! I love him and I think he would love these! On a tangent I just stuck my hair in my drink, not cool. Eugh. Anyways, the seaside theme is great :D Again, I don't tend to use blues because I think it's a cold colour but AGAIN Mel has used the colour scheme perfectly to create warm and and lovely card toppers. I'm gonna stop rambling now...go enjoy Mel's doodles, I definitely do :)

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

The Wonderful Di Sandland

I'm now sitting down to talk about this lovely woman, Di. I'm part of a blog ring (you may have noticed quite a few featured artists on my blog recently!) and as part of this I have to research the people I'm writing about. This week is Di - I have only been doing my research for the last five minutes and I already think she's wonderful! I've seen her work on Craft Pimp Forum but haven't read about her. Now I have and she's made my heart warmer! Read about Di here, she'll make you smile, I promise! Especially look at her manifesto.

Anyway, now on to her work! Di works in silver, which I must admit looks very fun! I know I always say I'm jealous of what other people do but that's because I am! I'd love to lampwork (and will one day) and I'd love to work with silver (hopefully will one day!). 'Expressions in Silver.' - Love it! Di takes inspirational words and etches them on to silver to create some gorgeous jewellery, beads and clasps. I LOVE this clasp and now I want to make a bracelet to match it!And here's a pendant she made (This makes me giggle just because I love the words):
So go look! Go read! Enjoy, she's a fun person who makes fun stuff!! :D
Oh, and here's where to find her, hehe!
Di's Diary
And Twitter.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Two more treats of goodness...

Hey everyone :)
I've been away and been busy so have been a bit lame and not updated my blog, apologies!
Now however, I have two talented artists who I met through Craft Pimp Forum whose bits and bobs I'm going to share with you.
The first is Donna Sanders of Delicate Sparkles. Donna creates some fantabulous jewellery, I'm especially fond of her seed bead flower necklaces. I daren't think how long they all take to make and they turn out perfectly.
I also like this necklace, another made out of seed beads. There almost seems to me to be some Victorian or stumpunky influence in it and I do love a bit o' steampunkery, hehe!

And last but definitely not least (probably my favourite piece of Donna's) is this gorgeous necklace. No seed beads in sight this time, a Jack of all beading trades it seems! I love these colours and the simple chain that connects the beads brings the whole thing nicely together, if you get my drift?

Now, just because I can't put pictures of all Donna's Sparkly work up doesn't mean this is all there is to see. Go find her on her Facebook page, or at her shop, and I would recommend following her blog as well to find yourself in for some loverly stuffs! :D

Next up is some work by Jolene of Kitzbitz Glass Art. Here, I am very jealous because Jo gets to plays with glass, fire and a kiln to make some stunning beads. I've just sat here trying to decide which pictures I should post of hers and have ended up just clicking and going 'Wow. Want. Love it. Ooh. Want again.' I don't really think I have to say much to get the point across that one, I am jealous of her glassy talents and two, that her beads are fabulouso :) Jolene is also talented when it comes to polymer clay beads, a woman after my own heart, but I kinda wanna stick to her glass stuffs here and then let you all go off and have a look at her other bits and bobs using the links below. Now I shall be quiet and post some pictures! Have an amazing week everybody!

The many places to find Jolene:

Her blog
Her Etsy shop
And, Flickr.

Monday, 11 April 2011

Leather stuffs by a Curious Cat

Bit of a treat for you today! I want to show you some lovely pieces from a fellow Craft Pimper.
Her name is CJ and I really think you should head over to her facebook page to see what she's up to :D Teehee.
Leather is her medium and I love what she does with it. Pretty flowers and some perfect colours for spring.
As well as these decorative flowers, CJ creates gorgeous jewellery, one of my personal favourites is this octagon pendant and I can just imagine how hard it was to get the perfect shape!

Head over to facebook, or Cj's website and her blog as well to find more gorgeous handmade items!

And just to finish off for today, a couple more of my favourite items from the Curious Cat! :) Enjoy and have a good day!

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Whatta slow week.

Not a lot going on in the world of me at the moment.
Uni is going very slowly, no more work to do til revision for exams after Easter and the weather has just been so lovely that no one wants to do any work, including me!

I also haven't been making much. Planned on making loooads yesterday as I had quite a free day but ended up just varnishing beads really. Today I've played around with seed beads, not what I normally do at all but I needed to make something! Made quite a cute little bracelet that I've laid claim to.

I did have a hairy encounter with a wasp earlier today - was not fun. It was big and scary and angry! Buzzed right by my ear when I sat down to eat me eggs. Needless to say, my eggs went cold before the wasp was dealt with.

I also managed to slice my finger while cooking yesterday and today I burnt my tongue. It hurts! I think I should just do nothing for a while, might not get hurt!

I have made a couple of bits and bobs, a variation of the tile necklace I made the other day, a couple of cute bracelets and that's about it really!

Looking forward to this weekend - get to see my boyfriend (woop!!!) and we're going to London to see Dirty Dancing on West End, he bought me tickets for my birthday :) Can't wait!

Going to be a busy few weeks, not sure how much making I'm going to be able to do over Easter. Things to do and people to see! Plus I guess I should start revision.

I will carry on blogging though, and I'm also going to be doing some featured artist posts. Some really fun stuff coming up! So you better keep reading :POooh and this necklace, forgot I made it! It's so pretty (I think anyway hehe). I love the colours and the simplicity of it. Normally have some patterning on my pieces but I like the fact that this one doesn't. Hope you like it!

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

I just found these!

I just found these gorgeous pieces of art on another blog, of course I've completely forgotten which because I accidently closed the tab. But just look at these! They're wondeful! They're by aMused Creations, take a look :D
The polymer clay along with the silky fabric hair makes them so funky and tactile, love 'em!

Sunday, 3 April 2011

I'm trying to not stick to making the same things over and over again. All my things are sightly different but I feel I should try to vary the style... I still want 'me' to come through in the pieces though so I'm having a bit of a tricky time because I love the styles I tend to stick to!
I also tend to just stick to bracelets, but I am trying to make more necklaces. I don't really know why I don't make more!
This was yesterday's project:

It does blend from purple to brown, but my camera isn't the best for picking up subtle changes in colour.

Looking forward to the coming weeks - almost finished uni for the term, and have no more essays due in so I can make more stuffs, woop!

Have a fantabulous day :D

Friday, 1 April 2011

Wow I really am useless at this.

I don't know why I don't keep this up to date. It'd be a perfect way to tell you all what I'm up to in my making ways and I suppose in my everyday life I guess as well :)

Now though, I would love to become part of a group of bloggers, and so I guess I better keep up to date :)

I have made some uberly funky bits and bobs (if I do say so myself) since I last posted anything on here - I'm sure I'll put up new pictures soon, maybe even one at the end of this post if I can decide which! :)

I've also started uni since my last post and turned 20 (eugh!) as well. Uni is fun, the course (philosophy) is great :D But, does give me headaches, make you think quite a bit. I've actually just picked the modules I want to do next year, should be really good. Going with my main interest, Philosophy of Mind, and a fun one, Philosophy as Film among others. Will e a really good year. Though I must admit I can't wait until the third year when I can do a dissertation :D

As for what I'm up to with my crafty goodness at the moment: I was going to have my own shop for a couple of weeks this easter but unfortunately couldn't make enough stock along with keeping up with studies so had to move that back. But I have been making lots of stuffs, hoping to do a craft fayre this summer. If anyone knows of any good ones in East Anglia, please do let me know! Building up quite a bit of stock, I have a weekly aim of how much to make. Haven't met this aim over the last couple of weeks because uni work had to take priority. However, I am going to catch up over the next week or so and over Easter :)

Anyway, that's enough for now. I promise I will keep more up to date from now on, including new photos and projects I'm working on. Tomorrow I plan on making a funky necklace so that'll make it's way on here in the near future :)

Love to all!!

A couple of bracelets. I love these. It takes a lot of effort to not steal these back from my box of things to sell!