Monday, 11 April 2011

Leather stuffs by a Curious Cat

Bit of a treat for you today! I want to show you some lovely pieces from a fellow Craft Pimper.
Her name is CJ and I really think you should head over to her facebook page to see what she's up to :D Teehee.
Leather is her medium and I love what she does with it. Pretty flowers and some perfect colours for spring.
As well as these decorative flowers, CJ creates gorgeous jewellery, one of my personal favourites is this octagon pendant and I can just imagine how hard it was to get the perfect shape!

Head over to facebook, or Cj's website and her blog as well to find more gorgeous handmade items!

And just to finish off for today, a couple more of my favourite items from the Curious Cat! :) Enjoy and have a good day!


  1. Thank you Kayleigh! It's so interesting to see what are people's favourite pieces!

  2. A lovely read Kayleigh, loving your faves!