Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Two more treats of goodness...

Hey everyone :)
I've been away and been busy so have been a bit lame and not updated my blog, apologies!
Now however, I have two talented artists who I met through Craft Pimp Forum whose bits and bobs I'm going to share with you.
The first is Donna Sanders of Delicate Sparkles. Donna creates some fantabulous jewellery, I'm especially fond of her seed bead flower necklaces. I daren't think how long they all take to make and they turn out perfectly.
I also like this necklace, another made out of seed beads. There almost seems to me to be some Victorian or stumpunky influence in it and I do love a bit o' steampunkery, hehe!

And last but definitely not least (probably my favourite piece of Donna's) is this gorgeous necklace. No seed beads in sight this time, a Jack of all beading trades it seems! I love these colours and the simple chain that connects the beads brings the whole thing nicely together, if you get my drift?

Now, just because I can't put pictures of all Donna's Sparkly work up doesn't mean this is all there is to see. Go find her on her Facebook page, or at her shop, and I would recommend following her blog as well to find yourself in for some loverly stuffs! :D

Next up is some work by Jolene of Kitzbitz Glass Art. Here, I am very jealous because Jo gets to plays with glass, fire and a kiln to make some stunning beads. I've just sat here trying to decide which pictures I should post of hers and have ended up just clicking and going 'Wow. Want. Love it. Ooh. Want again.' I don't really think I have to say much to get the point across that one, I am jealous of her glassy talents and two, that her beads are fabulouso :) Jolene is also talented when it comes to polymer clay beads, a woman after my own heart, but I kinda wanna stick to her glass stuffs here and then let you all go off and have a look at her other bits and bobs using the links below. Now I shall be quiet and post some pictures! Have an amazing week everybody!

The many places to find Jolene:

Her blog
Her Etsy shop
And, Flickr.

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  1. Thanks for the lovely write-up. :0) Those flower necklaces take about an hour each to make so not too long at all.