Thursday, 7 April 2011

Whatta slow week.

Not a lot going on in the world of me at the moment.
Uni is going very slowly, no more work to do til revision for exams after Easter and the weather has just been so lovely that no one wants to do any work, including me!

I also haven't been making much. Planned on making loooads yesterday as I had quite a free day but ended up just varnishing beads really. Today I've played around with seed beads, not what I normally do at all but I needed to make something! Made quite a cute little bracelet that I've laid claim to.

I did have a hairy encounter with a wasp earlier today - was not fun. It was big and scary and angry! Buzzed right by my ear when I sat down to eat me eggs. Needless to say, my eggs went cold before the wasp was dealt with.

I also managed to slice my finger while cooking yesterday and today I burnt my tongue. It hurts! I think I should just do nothing for a while, might not get hurt!

I have made a couple of bits and bobs, a variation of the tile necklace I made the other day, a couple of cute bracelets and that's about it really!

Looking forward to this weekend - get to see my boyfriend (woop!!!) and we're going to London to see Dirty Dancing on West End, he bought me tickets for my birthday :) Can't wait!

Going to be a busy few weeks, not sure how much making I'm going to be able to do over Easter. Things to do and people to see! Plus I guess I should start revision.

I will carry on blogging though, and I'm also going to be doing some featured artist posts. Some really fun stuff coming up! So you better keep reading :POooh and this necklace, forgot I made it! It's so pretty (I think anyway hehe). I love the colours and the simplicity of it. Normally have some patterning on my pieces but I like the fact that this one doesn't. Hope you like it!

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