Monday, 6 September 2010

Long time no speak...

Hey everybody!!

I'm sorry it's taken me so long to write another post. I kept thinking about it but never got round to it. Plus I went away in July for a few weeks so didn't get a chance to write anything then.

Anyway, what has been happening?

Quite a lot really I think.

I am at the moment in the process of getting ready for university. I will be studying philosophy and I am planning on having a permanent headache for 3 years! The downside to uni is not seeing my boyfriend much (boo hiss boo) but I guess it'll just be even better when I do see him!

On the crafty side of things, a few bits and bobs have happened. I have started a range of 'Piglins.' They are really really cute. No pictures as of yet, but I'll try and put some up soon. The Piglins are a family of pig cross breeds. They all have pig heads but got mixed up somewhere along the reproductive chain and have other animals' body parts. May sound strange, but definitely cute.

Also in the testing stages are some notebooks. I love this and I think they will be a huge hit with everybody (she says). Again, no pictures but will have some once I've done a few more. I can't really describe them but they are funky.

What I do have pictures of are my new toadstool necklaces!! Have a look below at them. I love them, it's hard not to keep them all but I will have to sell most of them. I just might keep one. Or two...

Now for my BIG news :D
. . .

Next April, I will be in my own shop in Ipswich, Suffolk selling my own things for two weeks only, so hurry down there if you want something because I will be gone before you know it!! How amazingly cool is that though? Me running my own shop, eeeek, excited!! Just got so much to do before then, like making looooooads of stock. Because of this I will be shutting my Etsy shop down slowly to concentrate on stock-making. But I will still be around!

That's it for now I think. Only a quick post, but I need my beauty sleeps before my last say of work tomorrow! Enjoy my toadstools :)

Have a look at my facebook page too, I'm getting better at uploading pictures frequently :)

Now just how cute are these little things?!!

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Disaster Struck!

Ello ello ello again :)

Just a quick post this time I think, in the process of making a bracelet but thought I'd just give you all an update.

I haven't actually made anything in the last week, eek!! Not through choice, trust me, but as the title of this post says, disaster struck! Some of my things got broken and went missing, naturally the most important parts of my clay-making.

But! I am now back up and running :) Still missing some clasps and some varnish so at the moment I'm just making the beads and waiting til my varnish comes through before I can string them. Haven't got any pictures yet but the bracelets that are coming alive are very cute :) Got a black and white one on the go and the moment, and already made the beads for a yellow, green and blue pastel coloured one and also one made out of cat beads, it will be adorabubble when it's strung!!! :D

I'm also thinking of making some funky earrings, different and unique hopefully. I'll see how they go, if they go, and let you know about them, hopefully with pictures to accompany the descriptions! I really hope they go ok - my clay is getting kind of sticky because of the heat so have to keep shoving it in the fridge. Takes patience which at the moment I don't have a lot of but oh well.

But I am still loving my work, and things will be going up on Etsy very soon, I promise so please do keep checking back - Also, for anyone who is local to me, go and have a look in the Jewellery Box in Hadleigh because I've got things in there now too, yay! They look so good in the window!!

Anyways, I said it'd only be a short post so I better get back to bead making now :)

Have a good day all!

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Whoop! I killed a spider for the first time!!

Hehe, I just whacked a spider with a remote control and it felt good, so good it gets to be the title of this post :) Don't worry though, not gonna talk about squishing spiders for a whole post.

Went on holiday last weekend with my amazing boyfriend, was lovely! Camping surrounded by trees and hand feeding peacocks, perfect! And there was a zipline, which of course appealed to our chilidishness. We didn't steal it from the kids though, we waited our turn then had fun :)

But, now its back to reality, working and making stuffs and deciding what to do with my life. I'll decide eventually, but right now I have no idea what to do!

On to my craftyness.
I have been making Loveheart sweet charms, really quite cute. Actually got to make some more, might do that this afternoon. Also, had my first sale on Etsy, a custom order and she loved them (little pirate cats, uber cute!) which is always good. Hopefully the first of many sales! Just wish I could do it full time to be honest, making and selling stuff, perfect but not yet possible.

Hmmm, can't remember what else I've been doing really :S Bits and bobs I think. Oh yeah, in the process of making a gorgeous chunky necklace, made all the beads just need some organza ribbon to string it on. It will be very glamourous!

Oooh, off to a shop later this afternoon to hopefully sell them some of my bracelets. Went in last week and they said they didn't want to buy anything until I showed them what I make and then the bloke was like 'Ohh, very nice. Come back and see my partner next week, I reckon we might be interested in some of these.' Soooo hopefully it could be a good afternoon! I think my afternoon has already started well after the killing of a spider, hehehe.

Just got a whole bunch of clay through so will be making lots :D Been designing some earrings over the last couple of days, some colourful and kinda childish ones so hopefully they will be coming to life uber soon.

Anyways all you lovely people, I really should be off. People to see, things to make and all that palava.
Have a good day!
I promise I'll post some pictures in my next post :)

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Bit of an update on the last few days :)

Right I shall now type as I have finished munching ice creamy yummyness :)

I've been quite busy making bits and bobs in the last few days really and have even had a custom order, not on Etsy but from someone who wants to make stuff from the beads and charms I make which I think
is great!! The charms she's ordered are sweetie charms, so licorice allsorts and those other ones which I can't think of the name of....argh, I just keep thinking 'Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans.' I really should stop listening to Harry Potter Audiobooks, but I think I am addicted to them. Can't work without them in the background, how odd!
Now it is bugging me. I shall p
ost a picture of them instead, I'm sure you'll know what they are! (Look down)

Also been making beads to go on chain bracelets and attaching those beads to the chains. Oh so fiddly but very fun. Done a black, white and red one and green and orange one. Have a look at them on my Etsy site.

Other than making bits and bobs, I had my last day of my Saturday job at the weekend. Been working there for just under two years and thought the time had come to finally give it up. I guess it was all right there really, just got bored, and with Uni in sight, I had to give it up soon an
yway. Now looking forward to this weekend! It's my town's annual fair/show, fun fun fun! Haven't been in yonks and am going this year with my oh so loverly boyfriend, can't wait!

Oh, I also voted in the General Election for the first time, yay! I seem to have gotten interested in politics oddly enough. I seem to find it interesting, h
ow unlike me! Didn't have the outcome I wanted but you never know, maybe next time! My mum told me I was getting my knickers in a twist about it hehe. I did get worked up, I even dreamt that I ruined my vote by writing the wrong date on it! I am strange sometimes.
Up and coming clay wise, some stud earrings I think. One of my friends wants me to do her some so I reckon I'll get into them and do a bunch. They'll end up on Etsy :) Still waiting for my
first sale on there. It's been over a month since I launched my Etsy shop and it's starting to get to me :S Soon, I keep saying to myself, I'll get my first sale soon!

DOLLY MIXTURES!!! That's what they are!!!! Silly me hehehe. Ohh, bare with me a sec and I'll upload some licorice allsort pictures, they look so edible :) . . . . .
. . . . . Here we go, some licorice allsorts below.

Those bobbly ones took forever!! But I like them :)

I shall leave you in peace now until next time :) Hopefully I will have some earrings to post next time :)
Have a good day!

Thursday, 6 May 2010

First post - how exciting hehe!

Hey peoples.

This blog goes along with my Etsy shop : so please have a look at that too :)

I don't really know what I'm going to be writing about in my blog, a bit of everything I reckon and hopefully especially my arty farty bits and bobs.

I'll start with my craftyness for today.

Well, where do I start?

I constantly have a notebook, pen and coloured pencils with me because I am forgetful and end up forgetting all my good ideas. Better to quickly jot them down methinks :)
I work in a cattery, which I love, and bus there and back most of the time which gives me quality thinking and designing time.

Today I designed a bunch of cat beads (of which I only have one on my Etsy site so far) and they are UBER cute - already made a cute little cat pirate bead today with an eye patch and blue and white striped clothes, he's adorable! I reckon I'll make another one in a few minutes after I finish todays ramblings. Probably a punk cat bead next :)

My job is great, I only work mornings so get to spend the rest of the day doing whatever, normally designing and making my bits and bobs. I'm loving bracelets and beads at the moment and am thinking of taking a class in lampworking because it looks so incredibly fun!!!

Oh, I haven't actually mentioned that my main material is polymer clay, so there you go, my main material is polymer clay :)

I'm having real trouble with dust and sticky things sticking to my clay while working with it so if anybody has any suggestions they would be much appreciated!!

Right well turns out that I could actually carry on rambling for ages but I'll stop now and start creating :D

Have a good day everybody!!