Thursday, 6 May 2010

First post - how exciting hehe!

Hey peoples.

This blog goes along with my Etsy shop : so please have a look at that too :)

I don't really know what I'm going to be writing about in my blog, a bit of everything I reckon and hopefully especially my arty farty bits and bobs.

I'll start with my craftyness for today.

Well, where do I start?

I constantly have a notebook, pen and coloured pencils with me because I am forgetful and end up forgetting all my good ideas. Better to quickly jot them down methinks :)
I work in a cattery, which I love, and bus there and back most of the time which gives me quality thinking and designing time.

Today I designed a bunch of cat beads (of which I only have one on my Etsy site so far) and they are UBER cute - already made a cute little cat pirate bead today with an eye patch and blue and white striped clothes, he's adorable! I reckon I'll make another one in a few minutes after I finish todays ramblings. Probably a punk cat bead next :)

My job is great, I only work mornings so get to spend the rest of the day doing whatever, normally designing and making my bits and bobs. I'm loving bracelets and beads at the moment and am thinking of taking a class in lampworking because it looks so incredibly fun!!!

Oh, I haven't actually mentioned that my main material is polymer clay, so there you go, my main material is polymer clay :)

I'm having real trouble with dust and sticky things sticking to my clay while working with it so if anybody has any suggestions they would be much appreciated!!

Right well turns out that I could actually carry on rambling for ages but I'll stop now and start creating :D

Have a good day everybody!!

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