Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Bit of an update on the last few days :)

Right I shall now type as I have finished munching ice creamy yummyness :)

I've been quite busy making bits and bobs in the last few days really and have even had a custom order, not on Etsy but from someone who wants to make stuff from the beads and charms I make which I think
is great!! The charms she's ordered are sweetie charms, so licorice allsorts and those other ones which I can't think of the name of....argh, I just keep thinking 'Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans.' I really should stop listening to Harry Potter Audiobooks, but I think I am addicted to them. Can't work without them in the background, how odd!
Now it is bugging me. I shall p
ost a picture of them instead, I'm sure you'll know what they are! (Look down)

Also been making beads to go on chain bracelets and attaching those beads to the chains. Oh so fiddly but very fun. Done a black, white and red one and green and orange one. Have a look at them on my Etsy site.

Other than making bits and bobs, I had my last day of my Saturday job at the weekend. Been working there for just under two years and thought the time had come to finally give it up. I guess it was all right there really, just got bored, and with Uni in sight, I had to give it up soon an
yway. Now looking forward to this weekend! It's my town's annual fair/show, fun fun fun! Haven't been in yonks and am going this year with my oh so loverly boyfriend, can't wait!

Oh, I also voted in the General Election for the first time, yay! I seem to have gotten interested in politics oddly enough. I seem to find it interesting, h
ow unlike me! Didn't have the outcome I wanted but you never know, maybe next time! My mum told me I was getting my knickers in a twist about it hehe. I did get worked up, I even dreamt that I ruined my vote by writing the wrong date on it! I am strange sometimes.
Up and coming clay wise, some stud earrings I think. One of my friends wants me to do her some so I reckon I'll get into them and do a bunch. They'll end up on Etsy :) Still waiting for my
first sale on there. It's been over a month since I launched my Etsy shop and it's starting to get to me :S Soon, I keep saying to myself, I'll get my first sale soon!

DOLLY MIXTURES!!! That's what they are!!!! Silly me hehehe. Ohh, bare with me a sec and I'll upload some licorice allsort pictures, they look so edible :) . . . . .
. . . . . Here we go, some licorice allsorts below.

Those bobbly ones took forever!! But I like them :)

I shall leave you in peace now until next time :) Hopefully I will have some earrings to post next time :)
Have a good day!

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