Thursday, 27 May 2010

Whoop! I killed a spider for the first time!!

Hehe, I just whacked a spider with a remote control and it felt good, so good it gets to be the title of this post :) Don't worry though, not gonna talk about squishing spiders for a whole post.

Went on holiday last weekend with my amazing boyfriend, was lovely! Camping surrounded by trees and hand feeding peacocks, perfect! And there was a zipline, which of course appealed to our chilidishness. We didn't steal it from the kids though, we waited our turn then had fun :)

But, now its back to reality, working and making stuffs and deciding what to do with my life. I'll decide eventually, but right now I have no idea what to do!

On to my craftyness.
I have been making Loveheart sweet charms, really quite cute. Actually got to make some more, might do that this afternoon. Also, had my first sale on Etsy, a custom order and she loved them (little pirate cats, uber cute!) which is always good. Hopefully the first of many sales! Just wish I could do it full time to be honest, making and selling stuff, perfect but not yet possible.

Hmmm, can't remember what else I've been doing really :S Bits and bobs I think. Oh yeah, in the process of making a gorgeous chunky necklace, made all the beads just need some organza ribbon to string it on. It will be very glamourous!

Oooh, off to a shop later this afternoon to hopefully sell them some of my bracelets. Went in last week and they said they didn't want to buy anything until I showed them what I make and then the bloke was like 'Ohh, very nice. Come back and see my partner next week, I reckon we might be interested in some of these.' Soooo hopefully it could be a good afternoon! I think my afternoon has already started well after the killing of a spider, hehehe.

Just got a whole bunch of clay through so will be making lots :D Been designing some earrings over the last couple of days, some colourful and kinda childish ones so hopefully they will be coming to life uber soon.

Anyways all you lovely people, I really should be off. People to see, things to make and all that palava.
Have a good day!
I promise I'll post some pictures in my next post :)

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