Sunday, 13 June 2010

Disaster Struck!

Ello ello ello again :)

Just a quick post this time I think, in the process of making a bracelet but thought I'd just give you all an update.

I haven't actually made anything in the last week, eek!! Not through choice, trust me, but as the title of this post says, disaster struck! Some of my things got broken and went missing, naturally the most important parts of my clay-making.

But! I am now back up and running :) Still missing some clasps and some varnish so at the moment I'm just making the beads and waiting til my varnish comes through before I can string them. Haven't got any pictures yet but the bracelets that are coming alive are very cute :) Got a black and white one on the go and the moment, and already made the beads for a yellow, green and blue pastel coloured one and also one made out of cat beads, it will be adorabubble when it's strung!!! :D

I'm also thinking of making some funky earrings, different and unique hopefully. I'll see how they go, if they go, and let you know about them, hopefully with pictures to accompany the descriptions! I really hope they go ok - my clay is getting kind of sticky because of the heat so have to keep shoving it in the fridge. Takes patience which at the moment I don't have a lot of but oh well.

But I am still loving my work, and things will be going up on Etsy very soon, I promise so please do keep checking back - Also, for anyone who is local to me, go and have a look in the Jewellery Box in Hadleigh because I've got things in there now too, yay! They look so good in the window!!

Anyways, I said it'd only be a short post so I better get back to bead making now :)

Have a good day all!


  1. No unusual mention of killing a spider this time? Shame.

    I've yet to go and see your things in Hadleigh, though I do feel a lot of this stuff isn't particularly male friendly :p

  2. It may not be male friendly to wear Leon, but it is definitely male friendly as presents to those special women :D And that doesn't stop you going to see my bits and bobs, though I think you are now back at uni. xx