Monday, 6 September 2010

Long time no speak...

Hey everybody!!

I'm sorry it's taken me so long to write another post. I kept thinking about it but never got round to it. Plus I went away in July for a few weeks so didn't get a chance to write anything then.

Anyway, what has been happening?

Quite a lot really I think.

I am at the moment in the process of getting ready for university. I will be studying philosophy and I am planning on having a permanent headache for 3 years! The downside to uni is not seeing my boyfriend much (boo hiss boo) but I guess it'll just be even better when I do see him!

On the crafty side of things, a few bits and bobs have happened. I have started a range of 'Piglins.' They are really really cute. No pictures as of yet, but I'll try and put some up soon. The Piglins are a family of pig cross breeds. They all have pig heads but got mixed up somewhere along the reproductive chain and have other animals' body parts. May sound strange, but definitely cute.

Also in the testing stages are some notebooks. I love this and I think they will be a huge hit with everybody (she says). Again, no pictures but will have some once I've done a few more. I can't really describe them but they are funky.

What I do have pictures of are my new toadstool necklaces!! Have a look below at them. I love them, it's hard not to keep them all but I will have to sell most of them. I just might keep one. Or two...

Now for my BIG news :D
. . .

Next April, I will be in my own shop in Ipswich, Suffolk selling my own things for two weeks only, so hurry down there if you want something because I will be gone before you know it!! How amazingly cool is that though? Me running my own shop, eeeek, excited!! Just got so much to do before then, like making looooooads of stock. Because of this I will be shutting my Etsy shop down slowly to concentrate on stock-making. But I will still be around!

That's it for now I think. Only a quick post, but I need my beauty sleeps before my last say of work tomorrow! Enjoy my toadstools :)

Have a look at my facebook page too, I'm getting better at uploading pictures frequently :)

Now just how cute are these little things?!!

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