Sunday, 29 January 2012

Extension on the fourth post....

For those of you who like puppy pics :)
Thought I'd update you on the ickle pup who seems to be quickly growing up! She used to look teeeeeeny tiny next do our other dog, Sasha, but now look, she's half the length of her already!

Fourth Post of the Year :)

Bit behind with this week's post, but it's still Sunday so I haven't technically messed up my run of one new post per week :)

So what have I been up to?
Uni work for once! I'm doing my best to keep up to date with the work I have to do. Last term was no fun because I didn't put a lot of effort into it so I'm doing my best to put effort in this time around :)

However, that being said, I have managed to do some crafty bits and bobs :D It's a lot less than I normally make in a week but maybe making less brings out the better ideas :) So what have I made? A new bracelet in gorgeous blue, green and bronzey colours, a mosaic type photo frame, and a test piece for a wedding cake topper I'm doing for my boyfriend's sister. I'm also in the process of making another little book. It's all ready to be bound, just waiting for the binding thread to come through the post :)
Here's the photo frame:

And here is the bracelet :)

In other exciting news, I may end up having some of my jewellery in a shop in Vermont, USA where my Dad lives. More info on that if it materialises :D

And some other exciting news - I went wedding dress shopping with my boyfriend's sister - it was so much fun! I'm being her bridesmaid so gonna have to learn how to help her into the dress, hehe! It is utterly gorgeous though and I'm sure there will be photos after the wedding in July :) Next time I go see her we'll be going shopping for my dress, eek! How exciting :D

I guess I better go get on with this uni reading. Must find the motivation to do it! :)

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Post Number Three

So far so good on the one post each week for 2012 :) I know it's only the third week but I think I'm doing well, hehe!

So I thought I'd just stick in a photo there of our new Puppy. It was hard to get the whole of her in a photo because she kept moving around! So I ended up with this one, an earless photo. Still pretty cute though :)

Not a lot has gone on in the last week to be honest, and really not a lot has gone on in the making department.

I made a few beads today along with some little tile things that I'm not overly sure what I'm going to do with yet. They are unbaked and unphotographed I'm afraid but hopefully there will be more photos of what I've been up to in next week's post..

I can't remember if I mentioned last week but I bought a new oven to bake my bits and bobs in. I've only used it once so far but it seems to work really well. It doesn't have elements because it is a halogen oven so my beads didn't burn when they were in it. No discolouration either and definitely no cracks in sight! - I had some problems with my previous oven, my beads kept coming out cracked, highly annoying when you spend ages on them! But all is well now with my spangly new oven :)

I'm back in Norwich now, lectures have started again. I've only had one module's lecture so far this week. It seems really interesting. It's called 'Film as Philosophy.' Instead of looking at the philosophical things that can be taken from films, we're looking at whether any of the films on the course take philosophical topics further than they've already been taken, so basically whether the film-maker has used the medium of film to express something further than has already been expressed in the philosophical world. I don't know if that makes any sense, but it is interesting. We've watched Blade Runner this week (any of you seen it?) and then we're watching the director's cut of it next week which is apparently significantly different to the original release of the film. Should be interesting :)

Well I am now going to stop my ramblings and most probably crash in bed. Extremely tired and have to get up for our landlady's handyman bloke to come fix our loo seat! Whole other story - came back to find our toilet seat unattached on one side - bit wobbly so we were careful when sitting down. Then typically, I go and plonk my bum on the loo at about half 11 last night and what happens? The whole thing comes off and I pretty much go flying. Very unladylike and very surprising when all you can think about is how you're bursting for a wee! Not fun trying to fix a loo seat that late at night when you're uber sleepy.

Anyways, really off now. Night night peeps! :D

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Second post of 2012

Hey peeps!

I haven't really got a lot going on in the crafty world yet this year. I did buy a new oven to bake my clay though so I'm looking forward to testing that out later today :) I think I'm going to make some stamps out of clay. I have no idea how well this is going to work but I wanna give it a go :) I'll put up some pictures of the results, whether disastrous or not!

Back off to uni on Sunday. Can't say I'm looking forward to it and all the work. Give me more time to make stuffs pleeeeeease!

Had a lovely time away at my boyfriend's but unfortunately I was ill and had no appetite so was a wreck pretty much the entire time :( No fun! But I'm better now apart from being left with a niggly cough. Better now than in the middle of lectures though, nothing worse than people coughing constantly.

My exciting news for the week: GETTING A NEW PUPPY!!! Well, my mum and her other half are. I don't think I can call it mine as I won't be around much. But we're going to pick her up tomorrow evening and she is just adorable :D See?

That's my mum with her last week when we went to pick a pup :) She's just the cutest. Not sure how our current dog is going to take to her though. I reckon she'll be miffed for a good while once she realises the puppy is here to stay!

I'm sure there'll be more photos to come :D

Off to breakfast I go now, and then to the clay table, woooo!

Enjoy your day everyone :)


Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Hello!! Was my last post really 30th October?

Really Kayleigh? No updates in over two months! Ridiculous. Considering how much I talk, I really should be able to keep up to date with a blog.

I have no New Year's resolutions but I am going to do my best to update you at least once a week. I reckon that's a good amount to be blogging :)

So what's been going on?

I did a couple of craft fairs towards the end of last year in the run up to Christmas. I thought I would do a lot better than I did unfortunately. They just didn't have the people turning up to them, and those that did turn up didn't really want to spend any money. I am one who gets quite disheartened when my things don't sell but it appeared to be like that for all the stallholders unfortunately so at least I know that it wasn't my things that was putting people off! I did make back my table costs plus a bit more so it wasn't a complete loss :)

There's a big show that I want to do this year in my hometown but I don't know if it's going to clash with my exams. Unfortunately the uni don't sort out exam timetables until just before Easter and the show is at the beginning of May. Really want to do it though, it'd be fun!

Also going to look for a couple of other fairs to do I think, but not sure when or where yet.

I haven't been making a huge amount of clay stuffs recently because of being busy for Christmas. I made sock monsters for everyone for Christmas and that kind of took over from claying! I have made a few of what I think are gorgeous bracelets though and I'll put photos at the end of this post. I really love them all. I wanted to make myself a Christmas bracelet as the one below was commissioned from me but I didn't get a chance! I may make myself one sometime this year though and also do a few variations on it in preparation for next Christmas. (I can't believe I'm already thinking about next Christmas!!!) The other two bracelets are just completely different to any beads I've made before and I would love to make some more like these. They feel like grown-up bracelets! :)

How did everyone's Christmas go? I had such a lovely few days. Alex (my boyfriend) and I spent Christmas Eve and morning at my mum's and then we pootled on over to his mum's for the afternoon. I received brilliant gifts - two new clay books, some clay tools that I had been drooling over for a while, LOADS of chocolate, literally about 3kg of the stuff, lovely jubbly! and I'm a bit of a film-fiend so my DVD collection grew significantly. I also love watching people open gifts and giving people things that will make them smile. As I said, everyone received sock monsters from me, here's a photo of a few of them:

Cuteness! What do you think? Not amazing, but very fun to make and the looks on people's faces when they opened them was just brilliant! Even my 77 year old Grandad loved his!

Right, well I best leave it there, got to go eat dinner and then get sorted to go to Swansea with Alex for a few days. He's at uni there and I'm just going back with him to make sure he eats properly for a bit, hehehe!

I'll leave you with a few bracelet photos and I WILL update my blog again very soon :D
A belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all :)
x x