Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Post Number Three

So far so good on the one post each week for 2012 :) I know it's only the third week but I think I'm doing well, hehe!

So I thought I'd just stick in a photo there of our new Puppy. It was hard to get the whole of her in a photo because she kept moving around! So I ended up with this one, an earless photo. Still pretty cute though :)

Not a lot has gone on in the last week to be honest, and really not a lot has gone on in the making department.

I made a few beads today along with some little tile things that I'm not overly sure what I'm going to do with yet. They are unbaked and unphotographed I'm afraid but hopefully there will be more photos of what I've been up to in next week's post..

I can't remember if I mentioned last week but I bought a new oven to bake my bits and bobs in. I've only used it once so far but it seems to work really well. It doesn't have elements because it is a halogen oven so my beads didn't burn when they were in it. No discolouration either and definitely no cracks in sight! - I had some problems with my previous oven, my beads kept coming out cracked, highly annoying when you spend ages on them! But all is well now with my spangly new oven :)

I'm back in Norwich now, lectures have started again. I've only had one module's lecture so far this week. It seems really interesting. It's called 'Film as Philosophy.' Instead of looking at the philosophical things that can be taken from films, we're looking at whether any of the films on the course take philosophical topics further than they've already been taken, so basically whether the film-maker has used the medium of film to express something further than has already been expressed in the philosophical world. I don't know if that makes any sense, but it is interesting. We've watched Blade Runner this week (any of you seen it?) and then we're watching the director's cut of it next week which is apparently significantly different to the original release of the film. Should be interesting :)

Well I am now going to stop my ramblings and most probably crash in bed. Extremely tired and have to get up for our landlady's handyman bloke to come fix our loo seat! Whole other story - came back to find our toilet seat unattached on one side - bit wobbly so we were careful when sitting down. Then typically, I go and plonk my bum on the loo at about half 11 last night and what happens? The whole thing comes off and I pretty much go flying. Very unladylike and very surprising when all you can think about is how you're bursting for a wee! Not fun trying to fix a loo seat that late at night when you're uber sleepy.

Anyways, really off now. Night night peeps! :D


  1. Hehehehe...on the looe seat!! Hope you didn't bruise your bum!!

    Gorgeous pic of the woofit, so cute :O)

    1. She is truly adorable isn't she :)

      Don't worry, no bruises on my bot bot :P

  2. I am famous at work for reporting broken toilet seats! I keep finding them in precarious conditions, and all the workmen think it's me that breaks them!

    1. Teehee! Ours is breaking again...not good. I'm going to become the renowned loo seat breaker too!