Thursday, 12 January 2012

Second post of 2012

Hey peeps!

I haven't really got a lot going on in the crafty world yet this year. I did buy a new oven to bake my clay though so I'm looking forward to testing that out later today :) I think I'm going to make some stamps out of clay. I have no idea how well this is going to work but I wanna give it a go :) I'll put up some pictures of the results, whether disastrous or not!

Back off to uni on Sunday. Can't say I'm looking forward to it and all the work. Give me more time to make stuffs pleeeeeease!

Had a lovely time away at my boyfriend's but unfortunately I was ill and had no appetite so was a wreck pretty much the entire time :( No fun! But I'm better now apart from being left with a niggly cough. Better now than in the middle of lectures though, nothing worse than people coughing constantly.

My exciting news for the week: GETTING A NEW PUPPY!!! Well, my mum and her other half are. I don't think I can call it mine as I won't be around much. But we're going to pick her up tomorrow evening and she is just adorable :D See?

That's my mum with her last week when we went to pick a pup :) She's just the cutest. Not sure how our current dog is going to take to her though. I reckon she'll be miffed for a good while once she realises the puppy is here to stay!

I'm sure there'll be more photos to come :D

Off to breakfast I go now, and then to the clay table, woooo!

Enjoy your day everyone :)