Friday, 1 April 2011

Wow I really am useless at this.

I don't know why I don't keep this up to date. It'd be a perfect way to tell you all what I'm up to in my making ways and I suppose in my everyday life I guess as well :)

Now though, I would love to become part of a group of bloggers, and so I guess I better keep up to date :)

I have made some uberly funky bits and bobs (if I do say so myself) since I last posted anything on here - I'm sure I'll put up new pictures soon, maybe even one at the end of this post if I can decide which! :)

I've also started uni since my last post and turned 20 (eugh!) as well. Uni is fun, the course (philosophy) is great :D But, does give me headaches, make you think quite a bit. I've actually just picked the modules I want to do next year, should be really good. Going with my main interest, Philosophy of Mind, and a fun one, Philosophy as Film among others. Will e a really good year. Though I must admit I can't wait until the third year when I can do a dissertation :D

As for what I'm up to with my crafty goodness at the moment: I was going to have my own shop for a couple of weeks this easter but unfortunately couldn't make enough stock along with keeping up with studies so had to move that back. But I have been making lots of stuffs, hoping to do a craft fayre this summer. If anyone knows of any good ones in East Anglia, please do let me know! Building up quite a bit of stock, I have a weekly aim of how much to make. Haven't met this aim over the last couple of weeks because uni work had to take priority. However, I am going to catch up over the next week or so and over Easter :)

Anyway, that's enough for now. I promise I will keep more up to date from now on, including new photos and projects I'm working on. Tomorrow I plan on making a funky necklace so that'll make it's way on here in the near future :)

Love to all!!

A couple of bracelets. I love these. It takes a lot of effort to not steal these back from my box of things to sell!

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