Wednesday, 4 May 2011

The Wonderful Di Sandland

I'm now sitting down to talk about this lovely woman, Di. I'm part of a blog ring (you may have noticed quite a few featured artists on my blog recently!) and as part of this I have to research the people I'm writing about. This week is Di - I have only been doing my research for the last five minutes and I already think she's wonderful! I've seen her work on Craft Pimp Forum but haven't read about her. Now I have and she's made my heart warmer! Read about Di here, she'll make you smile, I promise! Especially look at her manifesto.

Anyway, now on to her work! Di works in silver, which I must admit looks very fun! I know I always say I'm jealous of what other people do but that's because I am! I'd love to lampwork (and will one day) and I'd love to work with silver (hopefully will one day!). 'Expressions in Silver.' - Love it! Di takes inspirational words and etches them on to silver to create some gorgeous jewellery, beads and clasps. I LOVE this clasp and now I want to make a bracelet to match it!And here's a pendant she made (This makes me giggle just because I love the words):
So go look! Go read! Enjoy, she's a fun person who makes fun stuff!! :D
Oh, and here's where to find her, hehe!
Di's Diary
And Twitter.

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