Sunday, 22 May 2011

Classy Claire and her bags.

Drool Warning: Following items may make you drool slightly, especially if you're a bag lover!

I've had so much fun looking through Claire of Clasibags items, they're wonderful! What any bag lover would love to get their mitts on. I almost forgot I was meant to be writing a blog post about her!
So, Claire knits and felts bags along with other items such as phone cases and brooches. They colours are fabulous and the textures of the felt and wool just bring the bag to life and give them their character! (Yes, bags do have characters, hehe!)

Looking through Claire's items has been a much needed break from revision (exam today, another tomorrow then done, woop!) and to be quite frank, she needs to keep making so I can keep drooling over them. This is my personal favourite, it's an 'ends of ball' bag so bits and bobs of colours to make up this gorgeousness:How can you just not love those colours? They remind me of autumn. Yummy!
Here's another felted one I like. With this one I love the block colours, and the contrast in those colours:And here are my two favourite knitted bags. They both shine with elegance! Firstly, a black and white one. Who doesn't adore black and white together? And secondly, a purpley, browny coloured bag with chunky orange and green flowers, more yummyness!

And, I even love the handles!
This is where you can find Claire, and as you can see from the pictures you should definitely go and find her :)
Her Blog
Aaaand her website.


And on a last note, I'll be finished with exams after tomorrow, away for a week or so and then I'll be back to the making. Got a funky new project which someone has asked me to do so pictures of that will come up as and when I begin to make it. It will be exciting! :D