Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Helloooo Everyone!

Well, it's been a while hasn't it? Apparently I'm horrendous at keeping up a blog unless I'm writing about other people, so I'll try and do that a bit more often and I might end up getting the hang of updating this thing!
So since May, what's been going on with me?
Lots of crafty stuff and lots of non-crafty stuff.
Firstly the crafty stuff:
I've been making as much as possible but it's been a pretty busy summer! I went to a few craft fairs and thoroughly loved them! Really want to do one in Vermont because they are just so much bigger! But I have got one coming up in November, I'll give you details on that soon. I bought me loads of new crafty things while visiting my dad so I've been experimenting with things like microbeads (metallic beads with no holes in them and uber tiny) and PearlEx powders (metallic powder that give a gorgeous finish to the clay). I will try to add pictures in posts from now as I go along, but for this post I'll just put a few at the bottom :)
Also, I've made a wedding cake topper for an old school friend. It turned out wonderfully! I am very proud of it :) And it looked brilliant on top of the cake :)
Now I'm in the process of making some wine glass charms for my boyfriend's sister's wedding next year. They are going to be incredibly funky. I'm also making her wedding cake topper so I'll put pictures up of that when I start it :) (it's gonna be a lot of fun so make sure you check back to see it!!)
Also, I've set up a new website which you may have found this blog through. You can find it here I'm really excited about this website. I've never had one before where people can buy my

items straight through it so it's all a bit new to me. I made my first sale through it a couple of days ago so I'm a very happy bunny :)

I'm sure there's more crafty stuff going on, but I'll have to add it when I remember because I can't at the moment!

In my un-crafty life, I've been to America with my boyfriend to visit my Dad out there. It was lovely. We were there for a month and just relaxed and had fun really. Did not want to come back!
I've passed my first year of uni with a 2.1, so I'm very happy with that. Going back to uni this weekend - will be hard to get back into the uni routine but it'll be good. Moving into a house this year rather than living in the uni's student accommodation. Exciting stuff! Although setting up utilities and internet has been a new and not overly fun experience!
I have become the owner of two mice. Well actually I'm going to pick them up tomorrow and I can't wait! One is black and one is black and white and I'll post photos once I have some! They are going to be called Tonks and Lupin. This is because I am a huge Harry Potter fan, hehe :D And besides, I know that once me and my boyfriend get animals, he will not allow me to call them names from Harry Potter so I best get it out of my system now!!
What else is going on? Erm. Hmm. Oooh, an exciting thing! I'm goin
g to be bridesmaid for my boyfriend's sister!!! I'm very very excited about this :D Will be an amazing wedding :D But it's not til next July.
Apart from this, I'm not sure what's been going on. Again, I reckon there's stuff I've misse
d but I just can't remember it all!

So, I shall leave you all for now with a few photos of what I've been up to in my crafty makings and let you get on with your day :) Enjoy!

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