Friday, 14 October 2011

Happy October :)

How's everyone doing this month?
I've been busy starting back at uni, it's all a bit manic! I'm studying Philosophy and this year there seems to be about 10 times at least more reading to do. I reckon it'll be OK once I get in the routine of reading, so I maybe by the last week of term? Hehe. Some of it is interesting, I love Philosophy of Mind and that's one of my module this term so I'm very happy about that :)

I've also joined the art society at uni. The first week we did a fun scavenger hunt type thing just to get to know each other and to help the first years find some pla
ces on campus. Our team should've won but didn't! Ah well, it was still a right giggle! Unfortunately I couldn't go this week but as of next week I will be there as much as I possibly can be, they're a great bunch of people :)

OOOH! And I found a brilliant little bead shop in Norwich! If any of you wonderful people go to Norwich, find Raphael Jewellery at 33 St. Benedicts Street and about 6 shops up from that you will find their partner shop which is full of yummy beady goodness! I love it :D Tis only tiny but it is brilliant. I did a button workshop there last Saturday (I'll put a
photo of one of the things I made at the end of the post so scroll down if you wanna see it now) which was good fun and a bit of a giggle :)

As much as I've been constantly doing work for uni I'm still leaving time to make things. If I didn't I think I would go crazy! I've made a bunch of pendants and some bracelets. Unfortunately I can't put up any photos of the pendants yet because I'm waiting on their chains coming through the post. And as for the bracelets, I currently have a bunch of strung beads on my desk which aren't finished bracelets yet because I've run out of some of the endy bits. I know that doesn't make sense but I'm useless at describing things :P

As soon as these things come through the post I will put up photos here :)
They'll also go on sale on my website: and if any
are left they'll be coming with me to a craft fair I'm doing next month, woop woop!

Anyway, my housemate wants to drag me to Tesco, hehe, so I should best go keep her company!
Apologies for the lack of photos, they will appear soon :) And in my next proper writing blog I'll put up some details of the craft fair I'll be at next month so I hope to see you there!

Have a brilliant weekend everyone :)

Ok, that's a really tiny picture and I'm not sure why. But anyway, it is the button bracelet I made at the workshop last weekend, bit funky really :)


  1. Wow, you sound soOoOoOoOo busy!!! :D
    But you sound as though you're having so much fun too!

    Happy October

  2. Nic's right!! does sound like you're having fun!!..;o)
    That button bracelet is great fun!

    Happy October from me too...;o)