Sunday, 15 May 2011

The Inkydoodler!

Soon I will keep up with this blog and add some more stuffs to it of my own but exams are taking priority and I haven't been able to make much or do much to blog about unfortunately. So, I am quite happily blogging about the wonderful peeps out there who are doing their hobbies and keeping me entertained with their creativeness while I can't entertain myself and I hope you all get as much enjoyment out of them as I do :)

This week, I am blogging about an Inkydoodler :D Hehe. And I must say, I do love the doodles :)
The woman I'm talking about is Mel from Inkydoodlecrafts and this is where you can find her: facebook, Etsy, Ebay and her blog. Now, especially if you're a card maker but everyone else too, you'll just love the colours and design that Mel comes up with. I'm gonna natter a bit first and then show you my favourite pieces from her. Mel is it seems first and foremost a card maker and I have really enjoyed looking through her cards and I really like the Christmas ones! I know it's not Christmas yet but I'm definitely glad she's included them on her facebook page! Gotta love the forward thinking :D Anyways, for the time being I'm going to concentrate on the card toppers that Mel has designed as these have really caught my eye. Firstly are some card charms that caught my eye because of their colours. I like the kind of watercolour effects and especially the dragonfly...which leads me on to the next one! These six enamelled tiles make up a beautiful butterfly! I tend to avoid putting green and red together because I think they look too christmassy but I admire the way Mel has used red and green with this butterfly. It looks wonderful and not at all christmassy! Perfeck! And last but not least, I adore this set of six card tiles because to be quite frank, they remind me of my grandad! I love him and I think he would love these! On a tangent I just stuck my hair in my drink, not cool. Eugh. Anyways, the seaside theme is great :D Again, I don't tend to use blues because I think it's a cold colour but AGAIN Mel has used the colour scheme perfectly to create warm and and lovely card toppers. I'm gonna stop rambling now...go enjoy Mel's doodles, I definitely do :)


  1. Hope your date was fun...lovely blog..;o)

  2. Aww thank you what a brilliant read, as if you haven't got enough to do! good luck with your exams :o) x