Monday, 5 March 2012

Post No. 7 - Laney of IzzyBeads

Hey peeps!
This is the first post of the new blog ring I am in - essentially I will be writing about a bunch of crafty peeps over the next few weeks. There will be a variety of crafts being talked about and the Lovely Laney is the first to be featured.

Now, where do I begin?
Laney works with glass, she makes really cute beads, is an animal lover and she is also slightly mad :P Mad but loveable and the CraftPimp Forum wouldn't be the same without her about!

I do love her quirky beads, they're just wonderful to look at and she is brilliantly creative with what she does and brings cuteness and humour into her work. You really need to go and look at where you can find her work, I definitely recommend doing just that! You can find the links underneath the photos I've included of my personal favourites of Laney's work :)

These photos all come from Laney's Etsy shop.

And here are the links:
Laney's Etsy shop
Her blog
and her eBay shop :)
Go enjoy!

Have a good week everyone!

Ooh, P.S, just a quick bit about me - we picked out my bridesmaid dress this weekend for my boyfriend's sister's wedding! It's goooooorgeous :D And have enormously high heels (also gorgeous!) to wear with it :D

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  1. Hope you don't fall off those heels, but if you do, make sure we have a pic!! hehehheeh...Lovely blog about me, Lovely Laney, now that has a certain ring to it :O)