Sunday, 18 March 2012

Post Nine! - Mel of InkyDoodleCrafts

Hey peeps!
Been a bit of a long gap between posts again, apologies!
This week I am blogging about another fellow Craft Pimp-er, Mel, a greetings card creator :)

I've just been having a plod round her online hideouts and found a few cards that appealed to me because I can relate to them at the moment:This one touched me because I am almost at the 'pre-exam-panic!' Exams start in a little over a month and I think I need one of these cards to give me that extra boost! I really love the colour scheme of this card as well :)

This next card is a 'Thank you for being bridesmaid' card. I haven't been bridesmaid yet, but will be in July so my thoughts are quite weddingy at the mo. Mel has a range of thank you cards along the same lines as this, for example, a Page Boy thank you card.
And this last one I am going to share with you is purple because I love the dinosaur! Everyone needs a dinosaur greetings card in their life! And everyone needs a dinosaur costume... I'm not quite sure why but it'd be fun to be a scary grr t-rex for a day, teehee! I am however incredibly sleepy now. It's been a lovely day of pampering my mum for Mother's Day and also some t-shirt altering has been done using my sewing machine for the first time! Lotsa fun :) Though I do tend to get in a right tangle.
So as I am off to sleep I shall leave you with all the places on the tinternet that you can find InkyDoodleCrafts and the lovely Mel :)

Mel's Etsy shop
Her blog
Her facebook page
Her Flickr

Night everyone! xx

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