Sunday, 26 February 2012

Post The Sixth

Well, I've been a bit rubbish about my 'one post per week' thing haven't I?
I haven't had a lot in the way of craft stuff to post about so couldn't think of anything interesting to write! My mojo has been a bit down recently, think it's because of all the uni work I've been doing so this post is going to be a bit of an update of the last three weeks and then the next post will, I think, be my first post of a new blog ring I'm in with some of the CraftPimp girlies.

So, what's been going on in the life of Kayleigh?
Not a huge amount unfortunately! Life has been full of uni work - lots of reading and a couple of essays to write.
However, it was my birthday on the 16th, so that was pretty exciting! Does being 21 now mean I have to be a proper adult? Because that doesn't sound like much fun!

Well I'm gonna talk about my birthday as that's been the most exciting thing :D

What did I do?
Well on my actual birthday I was in uni from 11am-7pm, so I didn't do a lot really. But then I went home for a 'birthday weekend' which was a lot of fun :D I went shopping in Bury St Edmunds with my mum. Had a browse, didn't buy loads, but chilled out and 'met my birthday present' (come to that in a mo!) Then after shopping, we went home and relaxed a bit and then had an uber scrummy Indian meal for dinner, delicious! My Aunt and Uncle also joined us for that. Then on the Sunday, we had a huge roast with my family followed by yummy cake. Then we all went for a walk with the pups (Little pup from below is getting mahoosive!) which was nice and refreshing :D Then I came back to uni on the Monday and sorted out my presents :)

What did I get I hear you ask?
Lots of stuff! My mum decided that as I'm only 21 once she wanted to get me 21 presents. Some were big, some were not so big but just fun :) Her main present to me was a 1-day glass fusing course!!!! Eeeeeeeek I'm so excited to do it :D This is the lady I met in Bury - she had an exhibition going on so mum took me to meet her. She is very lovely and the day with her will be lots of fun :D And mum said she might even give it a go with me!
From my lovely other half I got these:
which are made by the lovely Jolene from KitzBitz Art Beads. Bless him, he hacked into my Craft Pimp account (cheeky bugger!) and then went through all my posts trying to find which were my favourite beads of Jo's because he knew I really love her work. So that was such a lovely surprise!
From my mum's other half, I got a bookcase (much needed for all my uni stuff!) and a sewing machine! I haven't had a chance to have a go on the sewing machine yet, boooo, because I've been too busy with uni work. However, after this week I should be able to get it out and have a play :) Yay!
And I haven't had my Dad's present yet... He said that there was something that needed to be sorted out with it so he was delayed in sending it. But it's on it's way now and (fingers crossed) hopefully it'll turn up tomorrow - very exciting!

And that was my birthday weekend in a very big nutshell :D

This week I'm focusing on getting this essay written (It's worth 50% of my module, eek!) and then on Friday I'm going up to Derby to go bridesmaid dress shopping (can't wait!!!) and then will be seeing my boyfriend on Saturday evening (also can't wait!!!).

So enjoy the rest of your Sunday, peeps, and hopefully I will be back with a new post shortly :) :)

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