Sunday, 5 February 2012

Post Five of 2012 :)

Pushing it even later this week! Silly me. Will get back into the routine.

Unfortunately I haven't go any photos for you this week - I'm at my lovely boyfriends and none of my photos are on his pooter so I shall just ramble for a few minutes and then make you wait a few days for a new photo :P

It's been a good week really. Not done loads of making but been trying to concentrate on my uni work instead. This term's modules are pretty good so it's easier to do work than last term.

Will be starting a new blog ring with the Craft Pimp forum in the next week or two - this is where we have a group of forum members blogging about each others work. One person is featured each week and we go on until we run out of peeps - tis good fun and you'll see a bunch of really fun work from people other than me :)

Well as I don't have any photos to show you or much to tell you, I shall leave this week's post there :) I'll be back hopefully about mid-week :D

Hope you've all had a brilliant weekend,
Kayleigh :)

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