Thursday, 5 April 2012

Eleventh Post - Jill of Kiln Fired Art

Hey everyone!

It would seem that I am very behind with my blogging - I've had a bunch of work to do for uni. Got essays to finish before I can start revision for exams so I'm almost panicking (but not quite!)

So this post is dedicated to focusing on Jill Egan from Kiln Fired Art.
Jill has some utterly gorgeous work. I must say I am a huge fan of her fused glass pendants - I love the colours and the textures and it's just all so pretty! It was really hard to pick a favourite because I love all of Jill's pendants in this style so here is a sample and the piece that struck me most :)
I just love all the layers colours and it's just so yummy :D

Apart from fused glass jewellery, Jill also handpaints porcelain and her work is simply stunning. Among her handpainted pieces are zentangles, wildlife and plants. Here is a selection of my favourite pieces of Jill's work (ok, I have to say that at this moment I have a five month old german shepherd puppy wanting my attention and climbing on my lap to give me cuddles! What a cutie!!) ... Where was I? Oh yeah, here's a selection of some fantastic pieces of Jill's work:
And even though I don't eat cheese, I love this melted bottle cheeseboard!

And this is where you can find Jill online:
Her blog
Her website
And Jill's Etsy shop
Go take a peek! :D

As for me, I'm now off to write another essay (boo hiss!) and then to do revision. My next post will be soon, promise!

Kayleigh xx

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